Course 1

This course is designed to get you established in the fundamental truths of the New Covenant. Your life will be determined by the beliefs of your heart. God has revealed Jesus and His work of redemption in His Word so we can understand them and allow our beliefs to be dominated by the truth. As you receive revelation of these truths your life will begin move in the direction of the plan and purpose of God for your life.

Course begins on Aug 2, 2022

  1. Each subject has a mandatory subject fee of 35 USD (that is equivalent to 1,000 Thai Baht). Students are required
    to study every subject in order to complete the program.

  2. Students are able to pay the total amount of fees at once or pay 
    every 35 USD before start the next subject. (See the academic calendar)

  3. All fees, once paid, are non-refundable.

  4. As applicants are applying for the Emmaus course, students are required to pay the subject fee for subject 1 before submitting the application form. (See the academic calendar)

  5. If students prefer to pay the full amount instead, students can do so before submitting the application form.

Course 1

9,000 ฿ *1000 baht per subject
  • 9 subjects to help build your faith in your walk with God
  • Understand grace, righteousness, and how to rightly interpret the scriptures
  • Study online from anywhere at anytime!

Classroom Policy

Course 1 Online

ระเบียบนี้ประกอบไปด้วยแนวทางต่าง ๆ ซึ่งเป็นไปในทิศทางเดียวกันกับนิมิตและจุดประสงค์ของหลักสูตรเอมมาอูสแนวทางต่าง ๆ นี้ได้ถูกกำหนดขึ้นเพื่อเป็นการสร้างสภาพแวดล้อมที่ดีต่อการเรียนรู้ เพื่อให้นักศึกษาสามารถเรียนรู้ได้อย่างเต็มที่ และได้สัมผัสกับประสบการณ์แห่งการเปลี่ยนแปลงชีวิตที่เอมมาอูสแห่งนี้ เราคาดหวังว่านักศึกษาที่สมัครเรียนกับเราจะเห็นด้วยกับนิมิต และนโยบายของทางหลักสูตร และมุ่งมั่นต่อการปฏิบัติตามด้วยความเคร่งครัด

Online Class

1. Students will have access to the video lessons of each subject within the academic calendar time frame. Each subject has 4 video sessions. Each session has 3 video lessons.

2. 1 video session has approximately 3 hours of duration. In order to finish 1 subject, we suggest that student should manage to study 4 times within 2 weeks.


1. Students will be able to access the test of each subject on Google Classroom in the 2nd week of each subject’s study time period.

2. Students can only take the test after completing all 4 sessions of each subject. Students are required to submit the test before the due date of that subject.

3. Students must achieve a score of 75% or higher in each exam. If the student scores lower than 75%, the student must complete a make-up exam before moving on to the next subject.

  1. 1. Any copying or recording of the Emmaus Bible Course video lessons from Google Classroom is strictly prohibited. 
  2. Emmaus video lessons on Google Classroom are provided for Emmaus Bible Course students only. Any distribution of Emmaus Bible Course video lessons is strictly prohibited.
  3. หากนักศึกษามีความต้องการสื่อการสอนทั้ง 9 วิชา นักศึกษาสามารถสั่งซื้อไฟล์เสียงคำสอน (ไม่ใช่วีดีโอ) ทั้ง 9 วิชาจากทางเจ้าหน้าที่ได้ โดยจะสั่งซื้อได้หลังจากที่นักศึกษาเรียนจบครบทั้ง 9 วิชาแล้ว

With Emmaus Online, students are able to independently choose the timing and location of their class sessions. However, each subject must be completed within the scheduled time frame. (See Academic Calendar Click)

Students will be using Google Classroom to access Emmaus Online. Therefore, each student will need either a smartphone or a computer with internet access. Students can download the Google Classroom application either on the Google Play Store or the App Store or access the Google Classroom website here: for free.

  1. The student has no outstanding fees.
  2. The student has scored 75% or more on the subject exams. If the student scored less than 75% on an exam, a make-up exam must be completed.
  3. Students who would apply for the graduation ceremony must pay graduation fee of 400 baht along with the tuition fee for the last subject of the course.
  4. Students who have successfully completed the Emmaus Bible Course will be able to participate in Emmaus alumni events.
  5. Students who have successfully completed the Emmaus Bible Course may submit a testimony of how their lives were impacted by the course. The testimonies may be uploaded to Abundant Grace Church's social media outlets.