We believe in the importance of knowing and understanding the Word of God on a deeper level. Every individual should have the opportunity to learn how to study, discover, and apply the truths of God’s Word in their own lives.

At Emmaus Bible Course, we are committed to unveiling Christ and nurturing the potential of every student.

Why Emmaus?

Unveiling the Truths of the New Covenant

Emmaus Bible Course focuses on unveiling the truths of the New Covenant
that Christ has established
for every believer.

Establishing Fundamental Christian Beliefs

Emmaus Bible Course contains 9 subjects. These subjects aim to give believers a better understanding of things such as their daily walk with God, biblical finances, faith, biblical health, and the Holy Spirit.

Taught by the Course Director

Our Emmaus Bible Course is directed and taught by Pastor Nathan Gonmei, and it is translated into Thai by Pastor Salila Gonmei.

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